August 12, 2011

lost, yet found.

My good friend Torrey Jay gave me a ring about a month or so ago. asked me to have some of my paint pieces next to her photos at her showing in Oceanside. I was really excited to get back down in that area. surfed with Torrey, miss Bowen & Rane Man, stayed in the Scandanavian "murder" motel, received a drunken short sided hair cut mo-hawk thing, played violin & electric guitar, got wild on no sleep and put on records of velvet underground & ray charles.
I would be able to show all of this through a roll of 35mm film i had developed, but then lost it the very next day along with 3 other rolls.. what a wonderfull thing huh. these photos i found on that trip though at a place in Solana beach. got them from the nicest old lady that told us we would be something amazing one day.. figured id throw them on here since i lost the real ones :)