August 1, 2011

once again.. Costa Rica was a good one

We drove 4 hours, slept for 1, got a flight to miami, then to liberia, CR. the trip then began.
My water-housing gets lost for 2 days. instant pilsen brews & montana tequila. a hostel puppy with sharpest teeth ever. first day crocodile siteing 50 yeards from our beds. crazy street dealers & sick waves just a boat ride away. 2 solid days & we head south. a 9 car pass at night on a corner, & a lost town or two later.. we make it. wake up to the best and loose our minds. barrels. epic food, brews & margaritas during a flooded night. funky tuna sandwiches. steezy photogs. lightning storms. tubes. snapped leashes but no broken boards. waterfalls in the mountains & coconut roadside drinks. new wave discoveries. waisted day. 8 days later.. back to reality for a bit. we leave from san jose, CR and part our ways. great stories and epic sessions. always good times with these guys! CHEERS!
first morning wake-up..
rental car experiences..