February 25, 2013

Black Feet Braves / Tony Accosta

I spent today in LA with my buddy Matt Grote helping him film a new music video for "Black Feet Braves." These guys are recently based out of LA and are on it... living all in the same house, recording across the street at their Lolipop Records recording studio, playing shows, making video's!  Check em' out! After today, I'm really stoked to see what comes out as the final result! I won't mention anything we did, or it might spoil the fun... 
I am going to say along with this, one of Matt's friends that he grew up with, Tony Accosta, who works alongside his close-nit group of friends who make up CRAP EYEWEAR... IS THE MAN! wow, that was a run on sentence. The guy has been cool as ever since I first met him, hooking myself and friends alike who play music, skate, surf, take photos, film, paint, -create- with all things CRAP related. The guy knows good business and was there today keeping us all entertained and taken care of.. Thanks Tony!!