February 17, 2012

Dylan Lucas Gordon

This is my good friend/room-mate Dylan. He just might be one of the most well accomplished people I know right now. A man of many traits for sure.. amazing photographer/film-maker/web-designer, has won multiple downhill skating world titles when he was a kid, played paintball professionally, and just in the past years time with his photography.. has traveled to TX to shoot the Senior Olympics, flew to New York and was a part of this past years Eddie Adams Workshop, and spent 2 months in Hawaii documenting skating on the Big Island and surf culture on the North Shore.
Not to mention having photos published in the past issue of the Skateboarders Journal and making his own magazine as well called "Creme Cheese & Avo".. at only 19 - almost 20 years old, you can guarantee to see more from this guy in the future. CHEERS DYLAN!