January 15, 2012

MAUI extravaganza!!

Me & my buddy Matt flew over to Maui for a week to get a break from Kauai..
we found: room-mate Dylan, the rest of my class, Viola's garden/mountain top house, a rental van that soon became our home, Lethal Weapon on surround sound, Grand Hyatt guest parking, the Elogram's backyard, borrowed 2 of Hank's HANA BOYS boards, a Thanksgiving oven caught on fire, middle of the night skinny dipping, Barnes & Nobles free internet, top of the world open container ticket (not my fault), one lane windy dirt roads, badass banana bread, hot tubs galore, crazy hot Lahaina rich chicks, free camping, Walmart sweat pants, super nice Gaskell family, unbelievable star gazing & prop engine planes.