May 29, 2011

Q: and A: with "Nasty" Nate Floyd!

Nate has been one of my best mates since the day I met the guy! He has traveled all over the place for contest's and in the endless search for waves including the East and West coast's of the US, main-land Mexico, the islands of Hawaii, the Gulf of Mexico, Indonesia, ect. I was recently in TX and decided to catch up a bit to see what he has to say..

Nicknames: Nasty Nate, Natedawg, Big Nasty, Manchild

Rights or Lefts? A-frames

Barrels or Airs? Barrels

Last surf trip you took: Mansfield haha..Indonesia

Favorite Texas wave: Sandpits

Favorite spot to eat: Sushibar

Last contest placing: 1st Mens LB TSSC

Last time you got confused with James "Jaime" Thompson: Last time I worked the same shift with him at Plantation Gardens, or last time we were seen together.

Last spam musubi encounter: 4AM Kujos parking lot night before I left Kauai

Favorite beer: Guiness

Best barrel: Stand up pit BankVaults, Mentawaiis coming out after the spit with arms wide open haha

Last time you broke a board: Kauai Beach Bombies

Recent tunes: I can't kick that Mikey Dread Pandora station..most rootsy reggae sounds ever!

Favorite Mexico surf trip: Puerto Escondido/Barra 2008

Last fu-man-chu: XMAS 2010

Last time your pops, "Frank" snaked you: Every session

Favorite surfers: my homies Wiggy, JRRR, Malibu Shannon, Micah, Gainan bros, Thompson hermanos, y BOBO

Mostly influenced by: TX: Chris Dennen Elsewhere: anyone with power/style

Favorite California wave: Emma Wood Pits

Last time you got skunked: HAHA that's hard because I'm super picky. Guess getting off work the other day and everyone was saying packery was firing...only thing that was on fire was my crotch after i got sealiced!!

Favorite Quote: The chief cause of failure and unhappiness is trading what you want most for what you want now.- off a wall

Last skurf session: shit been a while. last year before moving to Kauai. night sesh ski canal style!

Last time you laughed your arse off: Watching Brent thrash and Hurrican hopkins slay it kareoke in SPI at TSSC to Suprefreak by James Brown..yall missed out!

Any last words? In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.
-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

(Photos by: Myself, an Indo boat guide, and Morgan Reeves)