March 25, 2011


The Strange Boys @ the Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock in Los Angeles, CA.

So I saw these guys play a few nights before at The Echo, rad show! but couldn't get a camera in. So a couple nights later we decided to catch em again, this time with a camera too. Such a sick show! The night turned into a blast of course and was one to remember for sure! Thanks Mike at the Center for the Arts, thanks bartender with the giant mustache for serving me and me mates brews all night, and thanks to The Strange Boys for being so rad and putting on a dope set! CHEERS!

Towards the end of the show I put my camera down in a corner off to the side where this guy was filming. I told him if he watches my stuff, id buy him a drink afterwards. Rad guy! Heres a video he shot that night.. its funny because you can see my buddies Dan and David up in the front frothing! and me cruising around with my flash going off.. Cheers Viktor!