September 10, 2010

6400 iso.

so Cory calls me up 2 days ago to let me know they're going to play that night at Andrews families place, "Zoeys." People start piling in around 9 o'clock grabing beers from the front bar and getting to the stage for a free show by BIRDFEEDER. Got to hear some new songs they had been working on, which blew us all away. These guys are coming up, and coming up quick! Their free show was better than most shows ive paid 50$bucks for! They will be playing September 15th here in Ventura at Zan Zillas. 7:30pm.. be there to hear Cory Soto on vocals/guitar, Curtis James on bass, Andrew Hoganson on percussion, & David Briceno on lead guitar.

Thanks to Zoeys, Birdfeeder, & everyone who came out.. CHEERS!