August 14, 2010

our friend from the UK.

Liam Cooper (LAX airport)

myself (LAX airport)

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an interview with LIAM COOPER. from JR Watson on Vimeo.

Liam being Liam (Filmore, CA. skatepark)

I was watching my friends band, "Crippled Puppies" at a local pub one night about a month ago. I turned around to get another drink and this guy asked me if I skate. I said, "ya man how'd you know that?" He said, "I saw the tears on ya shoes." I said, "lets skate." He only had 2 more days left in America until he took off to New Zealand. I had no clue who he was. After skating, partying, drinking, and jamming some really loud Michael Jackson, the guy became one of my best mates! To see more about Liam and his wanderings, check him out at:
Cheers mate! safe travels!