July 20, 2010

its a BEACH SCUM family portrait!

"Before the Hawaii-Bound Bash." It was a night of drunk dancing, disposable camera flashes, trays of jello-shots, a shredder dog named cody, amazing loud local noise, tape fights, magic marker mustaches, sure dudes, billy o's manican photo shoots, ladys men, waisted walks dealing with jack n the box addiction, tiny foot long skate boards and photo booth in an unlocked 18 wheeler. GREAT NIGHT DIRT BAGS of VENTURA! CHEERS!!!

Zane Spang "sure dude"

Torrey Jay + Cody

Rane "the Big-Punisher"

"the Rascal"

David + Cody

"JRRR" as himself

thats "Scummy Jones"

"the Jail-Bird" + his mastered game.