July 16, 2010

$5.00 disposable. (Ventura, CA.)

Late nights every nights, BEACH SCUM, wild fast down hill bike rides only to ride slowly back up hill, filming a hatchet killing bandit over bloody train tracks, beers, Loud BIRDFEEDER, almost deadly pink cars, fun fist fights in too fantsy pantsy artsy fartsy studios, dancing till you cant dance no mo',power slides to morning coffee fixes, the strokes, house parties from heaven, lovely ole' billy O's, mates & mates,

full body spins to pose on wooden floor, 75 south going down down down, the jail-bird goes to jail.. shoeless, serand-wraped truck sleeping, sandy bon fires, missing baracuda, paint parties, 4 locos, rediculously nothing to happen where nothing happens show, The Cure "im cold", finished full bottle of Sailor Jerrys in one black lips song, golden china kareoke, bbq's while on the 101, free smoothies for no job, and probly sooooo much more.. I LOVE YOU VENTURA!
"live fast we do, die young we might, cheers to this night" -B.S.