December 8, 2009

North to Nowhere.

It was a well over due solo-trip up the jagged California coastline. Stopped near Big Sur and camped out of the back of my truck for a night. Woke up to drive all the way to San Francisco only to leave after 10 mins cause i hate cities. Snapped a picture of a guy taking pictures of porn. Partied & danced the night off with 90 professional frisbee throwers close to Half Moon Bay. After that drove 200 miles south back to Big Sur, got tired and fell asleep on a cliff. Woke up to freezing conditions. Found a sick hidden coffee place middle of no where. Had tea with a Boston guy on a mountain. Took off ending up in San Louis Obispo sitting on a bench for 2 hours with this old man singing 40s love songs to the streets. Became a great friend. Almost back to Ventura. But decide to camp again. Friends meet me as we stay bright with a good fire, drinks & good voices with strings playing on my traveling guitar while sitting on a bedcouch. Thanks mom. Wake up to butt cold wind, grey rain and a 90$ parking ticket on an open beach with no signs.. I love this place.